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Once again, the world’s biggest and best bowls carnival is upon us. This year’s instalment of the Australian Open will be the largest in the events 16-year history, over 1500 bowlers from around the world come together across 18 Gold Coast clubs. Amongst these will be a large contingent of Saints members, testing their luck for one of the most prestigious titles on the calendar. At the conclusion of play each day, we will be keeping you up to date on how our Saints a faring via our ‘Saints Bowls’ Facebook page.

Below is a list of our Saints players in each event:

Men’s Singles

  • Mark Bell (Saturday 11th at Mermaid Beach)
  • Cameron Cooper (Saturday 11th at Nerang)
  • David Morris (Saturday 11th at Coolangatta)
  • Wayne Seckold (Sunday 12th at Broadbeach)
  • Thomas Webb (Sunday 12th at Mermaid Beach)
  • Gerard Short (Sunday 12th at Coolangatta)
  • Ashley Mitchell (Monday 13th at Musgrave Hill)
  • Ben Twist (Monday 13th at Mermaid Beach)
  • David Ferguson (Monday 13th at Burleigh)

Men’s Pairs

  • Ben Twist (playing with Aaron Wilson, Tuesday 14th at Helensvale)
  • Guye McPherson and Stephen McPherson (Tuesday 14th at Paradise Point)
  • Alistair Connell and Trent Craigie (Tuesday 14th at Mudgeeraba)
  • Thomas Webb (playing with Peter Thelan, Tuesday 14th at Mudgeeraba)
  • Flurr Ballard and David Morris (Tuesday 14th at Southport)
  • Mark Bell playing with Ross Craig (Balmain) (Tuesday 14th at Helensvale)
  • David Ferguson (playing with Gary Kelly, Wednesday 15th at Mudgeeraba)
  • Cameron Cooper and Ashley Mitchell (Wednesday 15th at Mudgeeraba)

Men’s Fours

  • Alistair Connell, Wayne Seckold, Gerard Short, and Trent Craigie (Thursday 16th at Robina)
  • Ben Twist and David Ferguson (playing with Ray Pearse and Aaron Hewson, Thursday 16th at Paradise Point)
  • Guye McPherson, Stephen McPherson, and Thomas Webb (playing with P.Thelan, Thursday at Southport)
  • Cameron Cooper and Ashely Mitchell (playing with A.Severs, and G.Perrin, Thursday 16th at Paradise Point)
  • Craig Donaldson (playing with C.Wallace, D.Kurran, C.Adams, Thursday 16th at Nerang)
  • Flurr Ballard and David Morris (playing with M.Blackman and N.Walkden, Thursday 16th at Mudgeeraba)

Men’s Over 60’s Pairs

  • Wayne Seckold and Gerard Short (Tuesday 21st at Helensvale)

Boy’s Under 18 Singles

  • Brendan Ford (Wednesday 22nd June, at Paradise Point)

Ladies Singles

  • Joelen Bianchetto (Wednesday 15th at Broadbeach)
  • Brianna Smith (Wednesday 15th at Broadbeach)
  • Lorraine Peel (Wednesday 15th at Helensvale)
  • Donna McCormick (Wednesday 15th at Robina)
  • Lauretta Marchese (Wednesday 15th at Coolangatta)
  • Dawn Hayman (Wednesday 15th at Burleigh)
  • Michelle Smith (Wednesday 15th at Mermaid Beach)
  • Edwina Bohannon (Wednesday 15th at Mermaid Beach)

Ladies Pairs

  • Gina Maniaci and Michelle Smith (Monday 13th at Paradise Point)
  • Lauretta Marchese (playing with G.Wallace, Monday 13th at Paradise Point)
  • Brianna Smith (playing with E.Spicer, Tuesday 14th at Robina)
  • Dawn Hayman (playing with J.Worsnop, Monday 13th at Robina)

Ladies Fours

  • Brianna Smith (playing with E.Ryan, K.Kristic, and E.Falkner, Friday 17th at Broadbeach)
  • Irene McBride, Elaine Field, Joelen Bianchetto (playing with J.Robinson, Friday 17th at Broadbeach)
  • Gina Maniaci, Lorraine Peel, Michelle Smith, Edwina Bohannon (Friday 17th at Mudgeerba)
  • Dawn Hayman (playing with J.Worsnop, G.Delves, N.Van Eldik, Friday 17th at Mudgeeraba)
  • Maryann Parcell (playing with S.Greenwood, S.Stewart, Z.Stewart, Friday 17th at Coolangatta)

Ladies Over 60’s Pairs

  • Lauretta Marchese (playing with G.Wallace, Tuesday 21st at Mudgeeraba)
  • Irene McBride and Elaine Field (Tuesday 21st at Paradise Point)
  • Jackie Short and Maryann Parcell (Tuesday 21st at Tugun)
  • Lorraine Peel and Edwina Bohannon (Tuesday 21st at Musgrave Hill)

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