Pietersen Claims Fourth Straight Singles Championship

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Mathew Pietersen has claimed his fourth straight Men’s Major Singles title, with a win over Mark Berghofer in today’s final.

In what was a tight tussle early on, Pietersen was able secure 31-20 victory over former Australian and NSW teammate, Berghofer.

True to form, Pietersen credited his opponent Beghofer as “one of the best players to have picked up a lawn bowl” and was “thrilled” to be winning the club championship, now looking to chase a fifth straight title.

Pietersen’s other championship scalps included Mark Langfield 31-18, George Bakulic 31-23, Robert Hector 31-8 in the Quarters and Tim Whalan 31-11 in the Semi Final.

This was not only four straight for Pietersen, it was also his fifth St Johns Park Singles Championship. He sets himself a new challenge of attaining the record equaling five in a row.

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