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Dear Saints Bowling Family,

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone across Sydney and we understand there may be significant impacts on our bowling members, their family and friends who are located across Sydney hotspots.

Our Saints Bowling Family are a resilient group. We dig deep when things get tough and more importantly, we rally around people who are in need. This character is displayed every week throughout ‘normal’ times, and I’m sure it is extended during these circumstances.

We would like to encourage you to pick up the phone and call (or text) one of your fellow members that you haven’t yet spoken with during the lockdown period. Maybe you have an email for them and we encourage you to send a short message to say hi and see how they are going. Whilst many of you are well connected through Social Media or other means, we know there are a few of our fellow Saints that would slip through the cracks.

Josh, Ben and Anthony will continue to do this over the coming weeks but we’d love for you to help us with this.

If anyone needs to contact someone but hasn’t got their details, we can assist in you making contact (in line with our Privacy obligations) – contact us on or leave a message at the Bowls Office on 02 9426 1108.

Bowls Challenge – Word Search

Please find attached a Word Search to entertain you for a short time – maybe send it to a mate who might also enjoy the small challenge. Click Here to download the Word Search.

For any further information – please don’t hesitate to contact the Bowls Office on or leave a voice message on 02 9426 1108.

Hang in there Saints – stay connected and if you are struggling please reach out – we are here to help!

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