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Bowls Office Christmas Closure

The Bowls Office will be closed from Saturday 19th December 2020 until Sunday 3rd January 2021. The Office will reopen on Monday 4th January.

For any enquiries during this period, please use the below methods.


Phone:  (02) 9426 1108.

These messages will be checked periodically throughout this closure period.

Men’s Social returns Tuesday 5th January – 1pm

Ladies Social returns Wednesday 6th January – 9:15am

If you wish to enter any events, please email the above address and await a confirmation email.

Please visit the Club championship page listed below

COVID Procedures Updated at SJP

There is no longer a requirement to sign in or sign out at the Bowls Office for any bowls activities – All members are still to sign in at the main entry of the club and follow all COVID procedures.

Rolling Up

Members looking to roll up in December and throughout the Bowls Office Closure period (19th December – 3rd January) are to follow the procedures below:

  1. Green 1 is the only green available for Rolling Up (updated as per the Greenkeeper advice).
  • Mats and Jacks will be made available in the Charcoal Storage Container – this will be moved up to the Powerhouse balcony.
  • Members are to take the Mats and Jacks from the Charcoal Storage Container for use in their Roll Up.
  • Upon completing the Roll Up, Members are asked to place the Mats and Jacks in the “Dirty Tub” next to the Charcoal Storage Container. At no stage should they go back into the Charcoal Storage Container.
  • Members are not to use the Mats and Jacks placed in the “Dirty Tub” at any stage – these need to be cleaned before being placed back in the Charcoal Storage Container.

The Health and Safety of our Members is paramount. It is imperative that members follow this procedure stringently. Any member found to be not following this procedure will be cited due to the extremely important safety concern.

Members are reminded to always carry hand sanitiser with them and practice good hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser is also available throughout the club to support this behaviour. Keep social distancing to at least 1.5 metres at all times.

If you have any questions, speak to a staff member of the Bowls Office or an SJP Staff member.

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