2022/23 Men’s Major Singles Championship

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Well, what a cracking game we saw in the final of the Men’s major Singles Championship between Ben Twist & Kenta Treacher!

Ben was out of the blocks very quickly & playing some outstanding bowls as he raced out to a 15-1 lead. Kenta then started to find his range, playing some amazing draw shots, won 9 out of the next 11 ends to level the match at 18 all. A count of 3 then saw Kenta take the lead for the first time in the match at 21-18. Ben countered back scoring singles on the next 2 ends to close the gap to 21-20. Then it was Kenta’s turn to score back to back singles to take the score to 23-20. Then it was back to Ben’s turn, picking up a 1 & a 2 to once again level the score at 23 all. Kenta then scored a 1 to put him all but at 24-23. The last end was of the highest standard, with Ben drawing a side resting toucher, only to see Kenta play the perfect shot, trailing the jack to hold 1. Coming down to the last bowl & down game, Ben had a drive in an attempt to remove the shot bowl, or put the jack in the ditch to win the game. It wasn’t to be though as Ben removed the shot bowl but also his closest bowl which left Kenta with 1 shot, claiming the 2022/23 Men’s Major Singles title.

Congratulations to both bowlers who put on a fantastic display in very hot & trying conditions in front of a large group of spectators.

To reach the Final, Kenta had another fantastic & tight contest with Mathew Pietersen. Kenta started the better going out to a 14-4 lead. Two 3’s & a 1 to Mathew closed the gap to 14-11. Kenta then won the next 3 ends to extend his lead to 19-11. Mathew then picked up successive 1’s, which Kenta countered by then scoring successive 1’s of his own to lead 21-13. Mathew then started a charge, winning the next 5 ends to level the score at 21 all. the next 4 ends were shared with 1’s, taking the score to 23 all. A further 1 to Mathew saw him go up 24-23. The last end looked to be set up for Mathew as he drew a front toucher with his first, then about a foot behind with his second. Kenta then played a terrific conversion shot, removing the shot bowl & putting the jack in the ditch to hold 1. Mathew’s 3rd bowl went into the ditch by the barest of margins, as Kenta then drew a second shot to hold game. Mathew’s last bowl again only just fell in the ditch, leaving Kenta 2 shots & game, 25-24

In the other semi final, Ben & Bryce were level early on at 4 all. The next few ends went back & forth, but Ben then won 3 in a row to go out to a 14-7 lead. The next 8 ends were shared, however Bryce could only manage 1’s while Ben scored three 2’s & a 1 to lead 21-11. A 4 to Bryce saw the lead reduced to 21-15, but Ben steadied, winning 3 of the next 4 ends to take out the match 25-16

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