New Saints Logo Launched

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St Johns Park Bowling Club have released its new ‘Saints’ bowls logo for the 2022/23 Season. The Saints logo will become the playing logo for St Johns Park Bowling Club and will be the feature logo for representing the bowlers of the Club.

In entering what is a new era for the Saints, the Club have modernised the logo to bring a sporting look whilst acknowledging the history of this great club. There has been an update to the colour scheme and ultimately bringing a fresh start for our members.

“The Logo acknowledges the first meeting date year of 1951, as a nod to our rich history. We have modernised the “Saints” text and adopted a sporting badge approach to set our new era apart from all others.”

Anthony Cottee – Group Sports Administrator

The changes will bring a range of new elements for the 2022/23 Playing Season and beyond. Over the coming weeks, Members will get a glimpse of the new Saints uniform, some new Saints merchandise and of course some new changes within the SJP Powerhouse – the Home of the Saints.

“Our Board is always looking at ways to stay ahead of the game and as a result we have a lot of exciting elements to treat our members to in the coming weeks. As a Club we have had Ben Twist start his new role as the Club’s Bowls Ambassador, highlighting our commitment to the sport; David Ferguson begins as the Head Coach after Easter, bringing fresh experience and opportunities to our members; we are rolling out this modern look, including a new uniform and merchandise; we are creating new partnerships to assist with these opportunities and providing further options for our members to participate in bowls.”

Anthony Cottee – Group Sports Administrator

The launch of the logo is a big step for St Johns Park and its membership. There is certainly a new energy about modernising our Club with the current membership, whilst reaching out and attracting new people to the sport and to the club.

St Johns Park Bowling Club Group

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