Announcement regarding Social Bowls and Roll Ups

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St Johns Park Bowling Club is pleased to announce our weekday Social Bowls Competitions will be returning from Tuesday 7th July 2020.

  • Tuesdays – Men’s Social Competition
  • Wednesdays – Ladies Social Competitions
  • Thursdays – Men’s Social Competitions
  • Fridays – Mixed Evening Socials

Whilst we return to our normal days/evenings – there are some changes in place:

  • No entry fees will be collected.
  • All Members will still be temperature tested and need to sign into the club as per current arrangements.
  • Members will be asked to check-in for their competition at the Bowls Office.
  • We will not be holding a 100s Club, Jackpots or raffles, etc.
  • A pairs format will be adopted for competitions.
  • We are still limited to 40 players (20 players per green)
  • No lunches will be provided for our Wednesday Ladies Social days for the interim.

At the completion of all Social Competitions, we ask members to vacate the greens and their surrounds in a timely manner. We encourage you to use the fantastic food and beverage facilities within the club.

This is a great step back to some level of normality and we ask members to be conscious of our social distancing and hygiene procedures whilst at the Club.

We anticipate these conditions will be in place for 2 weeks before being reviewed.

Roll Ups
Please refer to the calendar at the end of this release for all Roll Ups scheduled for the upcoming month. You still need to register to ensure you get a spot – including social competition days. Starting this week, we have added Sunday roll up sessions. Members are still asked to sign in at the
Bowls Office when coming to a roll up and follow the procedures set out in the original post COVID release – refer to the website for more information.

For any further information please call the Bowls Office on 02 9426 1108.

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